Working closely with your company's goals, we use our expertise in social media, marketing, graphic design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract your exact target market to bring you branding & success in every area online.

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Social Media Management

We know the tricks, what works with social media, where you should spend your money money to get the biggest impact for your dollar and how to make money purely off your social media accounts. You specialize in your business, we'll get you the audience that will bring it success with 15 years of professional graphics behind us to make your online l

Online Advertising Management

Banner & Link Advertisement Management You have a great product, now let's get it out there! With affordable advertising campaigns through banner and link ads spanned throughout search engines, relative websites and social media networks, we're able to focus down to the place your exact target market is going online to connect them to you!

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Organic Google Search Results are the results throughout the web that Google has deamed the most relevant to the keyword being searched. Search Engine Optimization focuses on bringing your site to front of Google search results. SEO takes time to see results, but the long term benefits are greater than cost per click.

Celebrity Connection

Not only do we help celebrities to maximize their social media accounts, but we connect businesses to influential people within their industry for sponsorships. Our celebrity services include social media management, verification of accounts, connecting online sponsorships and cordinating graphics. For maximum exposure through the help of a celebri



Rest at ease knowing your online pressence is professional, targeted and actively working for you!

Working With Your Target Market

Knowing your customer is the most important thing in any marketing medium. Through working closely with our clients, analysing data provided from online interactions and advertising, and monitoring the reactions of d

Online Strategies

The internet is ever changing, and the next big thing is right around the corner. There are thousands of social media sites floating around the web, but which ones are the right ones for you? Search Engines, like Goo

Increasing Followers & Increasing Sales

Buying followers does not mean you're buying sales! In the end of the day, the goal of any online marketing is to build your brand as a reputable product so that when your customer is in need of your product or servi

Brand Management

Our client's online presence is a reflection of Social Magnitude.  It's important to us to provide you with a professional image, enticing content, possitive interactions with customers and great results with

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